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Review: Vampire sisters 2: Bats in your stomach – Die Vampirschwestern 2 (2014)

Director: | 89 minutes | , , , , fantasy | Actors: , , , Stipe Erceg, Michael Kessler, , , , , Jonas Holdenrieder, Jamie Bick, Jeremias Meyer, Michael Keseroglu, Ilse Strambowski, Steve Hudson, , Philip Sindy, , , Anne Gehrig, Tobias Blady, ,

In Germany they are already in the third part by Christmas , but we still have some catching up to do in the Netherlands. “The vampire sisters” (then still written with space) was a modest success in 2013 with approximately 25,000 visitors in the Netherlands. Franziska Gehm’s book series is not yet exhausted, so enthusiasts will not be able to enjoy themselves for now. The disadvantage of these films is that the intended audience outgrows the films faster than they come out, but fortunately it is not necessarily necessary to have seen the first film (more fun!) To go from ‘Vampire sisters 2: Bats in your stomach. ‘enjoy and understand the story.

Dakaria and Silvania are twins, but they don’t look alike at all. Their father Mihai is a vampire, their mother Elvira is human. As a result, the two teenage girls are half-vampires, but few people know about that. The big advantage of being a half-vampire is that you can go outside during the day, although you have to be rubbed with a factor countless and sunglasses are also handy. In addition, Dakaria and Silvania can fly, making delays in public transport a thing of the past.

When “Vampire Sisters 2: Bats in the Belly” starts, the summer vacation is just starting. Dakaria, Silvania and their friends Hélène, Ludo and Jacob make plans to make it something unforgettable. They decide to go camping. But then Dakaria discovers that her favorite rock band Krypton Krax is giving a nightly concert, less than an hour’s flight from Bindburg. Of course she has to go there! But Mihai has reasons for prohibiting this. However, Dakaria is determined to go there anyway, secretly. Silvania sees it as her duty to accompany her sister. It will be a special night for the two sisters, although each of them experiences the concert in a different way. Dakaria is pulled onto the stage by her idol Murdo, the band’s lead singer, and ends up backstage. Both she and her pet leech Karl Heinz are deeply impressed, Dakaria from Murdo, Karlheinz from Murdo’s leech Carlotta …

Meanwhile, preparations for the camping adventure continue in full swing. And then there is the suspicious neighbor Dirk van Kombast, who has converted a vacuum cleaner into a garlic powder dispenser, so that the vampires present are destroyed for good. But that is of course different than he expected.

“Vampire Sisters 2: Bats in the Belly” is a fun, smooth film for children from the age of eight or nine. As the title indicates, the underlying theme is love, being in love, but also jealousy. However, the main storyline is much more exciting. Dakaria, Silvania and their friends unwittingly become involved in a retaliation by an old acquaintance of Mihai and Elvira. It takes them a lot of effort to end the summer vacation safely. The soundtrack is nice and solid and the film looks neat. Daka and Silvania’s room alone has been taken care of down to the last detail. It’s all just a little less refreshing as part one. The makers do repeat some story elements. But “Vampire Sisters 2” is definitely very entertaining and as a parent you can watch without getting bored.

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