Review: Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009)


Directed by: Yoshihiro Nishimura, Naoyuki Tomomatsu | 85 minutes | action, horror, comedy, science fiction | Actors: Yukie Kawamura, Eri Otoguro, Takumi Saito, Eihi Shiina, Sayaka Kametani, Sayako Nakoshi, Aya Nishisaki, Sayo, Takashi Shimizu, Kanji Tsuda, Jiji Bû, Erina

School girls who do self-mutilation in competition, romantic vampire girls and a lot of gnawed skulls … How tacky do you want it? In the Japanese blood festival “Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl”, lovers of tasteful cinema are mercilessly insulted. Hysteria, blood and rancidity have not been cut back in this kitsch carnage full of pretty girls and one unworldly boy. There is a story hidden somewhere in “Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl,” but it only serves as a stepping stone to justify the most brutal explosions of violence ever. But anyway: Here goes!

Mizushima is the prettiest boy in the class and the girls (gangs) fight for his attention. The student himself is not so concerned with all the attention around his person (although he has a girlfriend). Until he meets the mysterious Monami. The pale girl is very charmed by him and treats him to a box of chocolates. The treasure! Yet there is (literally) a dark edge to the gift. The filling of the chocolates consists of human blood. Monami is a vampire. A romantic vampire though, because she is in love with Mizushima. Sounds good, but of course there is a complication in the form of Keiko, Mizushima’s girlfriend. Her father is a mad scientist who turns a number of corpses into Frankenstein Girl. That weight must kill Monami. Of course, that cannot be done without bloodshed …

“Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl” is a sequence of particularly gore scenes that may be terribly over the top, but at the same time are shocking because all the brutal violence never ends. The long drawn-out beheadings and mutilations look as brutal as they are fake and are as pulp as can be. “Braindead” is demoted to a harmless romantic comedy after seeing the hysterical “Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl”. Fans of Japanese comics will love this bloody opera full of crazy characters. This film is from the same makers as “Tokyo Gore Police” and it shows immediately. The same uncensored tub of blood passes thinly by. If you are a fan of that film, then you will undoubtedly have fun with this production. Although the surprise is now gone. The shock value is gone because you know what to expect. The lover of Japanese nonsense knows what to do …

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