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Review: Un plan d’enfer (2015)

Directed by: , Jean Loup Felicioli | 5 minutes | , , , | Original voice cast:

Two crooks think they have found the ideal way to break in undisturbed. Instead of being as quiet as a mouse, which is of course difficult if you have to break open a floor because a large supply of gold is hidden underneath, they ensure that a lot of noise is made. With the help of a substance that attracts cats, they disturb the balance in the neighborhood, so that every dog ​​starts to strike. The job, which happens to be with a deaf old lady, is therefore a piece of cake, but as everyone knows, honesty is the best policy …

The animated short ‘Un plan d’enfer’ was made by the makers of the Oscar nominated ‘Van de kat no evil’ (‘Une vie de chat’), Alain Gagnol and Jean Loup Felicioli. Just like the successor ‘Phantom Boy’ (‘Un plan d’enfer’ can be found as an extra on the DVD of ‘Phantom Boy’), this short is characterized by its unique visual style. Gagnol and Felicioli are masters in creating artfully designed and colorful decors, in which light and shadow play a major role. They don’t like streamlined figures, and the perspective isn’t always right, but that just adds to the charm of this comic . The typical French-sounding background makes it complete. Nice video that tastes like more!

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