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Review: Türelem – With a Little Patience (2007)

Directed by: László Nemes | 14 minutes | drama, short film | Actors: Éva Kelényi, Endre Ferenczy, Kálmán Kovács, Virág Marjai,

Born in 1977, Hungarian filmmaker was rightly praised for his haunting Holocaust film ‘Son of Saul’ (‘Saul fia’) (2015). Not only did he win a Golden Globe in the best foreign category, he also took home the Academy Award. He previously won the FIPRESCI prize. The fact that Nemes had been around for a long time with the idea for ‘Son of Saul’ becomes clear when you watch his short film ‘Türelem’ (‘With a Little Patience’) from 2007. The barely fifteen minute long film was shot at the Venice Film Festival, among others, but gets a deserved place on the blu-ray / DVD of ‘Son of Saul’, so that many more people can get to know this gem.

Just like in ‘Son of Saul’, ‘Türelem’ starts with a blurred image in which we slowly perceive someone walking towards the camera. This time the protagonist is not a man, but a young woman, who gets something pressed into her hands, something that she takes several times from her breast pocket to watch it. Just like in Nemes’ award-winning feature debut, he keeps his camera constantly focused on her, while everything is happening in the background in her surroundings, a dark office, where she routinely performs her duties. In terms of narrative style, the film is therefore strongly reminiscent of ‘Son of Saul’. The viewer remains in the dark for a long time, what is actually going on here, but due to the chosen structure, the effect is maximized.

Nemes already showed with ‘Türelem’ that he was a director to keep an eye on. The fact that the majority of the audience will see the film after ‘Son of Saul’ is not a problem, it is interesting to see how he developed. So don’t forget to look when you bring ‘Son of Saul’ into your home.

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