Review: Till Death (2021)


Till Death (2021)

Directed by: SK Dale | 98 minutes | thriller | Actors: Megan Fox, Eoin Macken, Callan Mulvey, Jack Roth, Aml Ameen, Stefanie Yunger, Julian Balahurov, Lili Rich, Teodora Djuric

Some actresses are typecast for their looks or specific roles. Megan Fox is a good example of this. She mainly acted as eye candy in screaming action films like ‘Transformers’ and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. Her main contribution was to wear tight clothes, to swing her hair and to say little meaningful things. That started to annoy Fox, so she started looking for more challenging roles. With ‘Till Death’ she succeeded!

‘Till Death’ revolves around a lonely woman (Fox). Although she is married, it is not a happy marriage. When she is invited by her husband for a romantic trip, she reluctantly goes along. It turns out that her husband has a rather grim plan. In the middle of nowhere, he commits suicide while lying in bed next to her. A salient detail is that the lady is intoxicated and chained to her husband. The woman wakes up with her husband’s corpse chained to her arm. To make matters worse, a ghost from her past comes along…

It’s to Fox’s credit that she wants to show what she has to offer. She could also have opted for easy roles as image filling in blockbusters in which she would be paid more for less work. Still, she opted for a more challenging role in a modest film. And that has been a good decision.

Fox will never become a character actress, but she pulls it off well in this physical role. ‘Till Death’ is an exciting film in which Fox plays very subdued. She does that well. You sympathize with her and that’s great when you consider what this lady has done in the past. She is not squeaky clean or innocent. ‘Till Death’ relies heavily on the setting – an abandoned cabin in the snowy wilderness – and the acting. Both were successful and due to the smooth assembly the playing time flies by. If you’re in the mood for a volatile action thriller, this is it!

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