Review: Survive the Night (2020)

Survive the Night (2020)

Directed by: Matt Eskandari | 90 minutes | action, drama | Actors: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Shea Buckner, Tyler Jon Olson, Lydia Hull, Riley Wolfe Rach, Jessica Abrams, Ravare Elise Rupert, Jef Holbrook, Charlie Alvarado, Natalie DiDonato

The makers of ‘Survive the Night’ deliver on what they promise! You really have to be in survival mode to finish this movie. To survive if you want. Everything about this production is uninspired. The movie poster, the acting, the soundtrack and the script. The caterer was probably also a no-budget company that served prepackaged cheese sandwiches with a generous spoonful of butter for lunch. Ouch…

‘Survive the Night’ revolves around Rich (Chad Michael Murray). This man works as a trauma doctor. While he works hard to save a criminal, his family is taken hostage. Rich enlists the help of his father (Bruce Willis). The bond between father and son is very bad, but they must work together to keep Rich’s wife and daughter from the clutches of their captors.

Director Matt Eskandari captured a boring home invasion thriller and managed to capture Michael Murray in addition to Willis. Apparently this filmmaker is doing something right, because in 2019 he managed to cast Willis for “Trauma Center.” Whether that fact in 2020 is something to be proud of remains to be seen. The actor is out of shape to say the least. Willis looks like a depression incarnate and doesn’t even bother. His acting is flat, uninspired and downright boring. The actor looks tired and that’s how you can describe his playing.

Because a lot of attention is put into the bad bond between father and son, the action is on the back burner. Willis’ slack play and Michael Murray’s opposition is not very attractive. When something finally happens, it isn’t very sparkling or original. Well. ‘Survive the Night’ is a nice example of job creation for Willis. He’s off the street for a while. Apparently he didn’t have much fun making this film. So ignore.

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