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Review: Soap (2017)

Directed by: Hanna van Niekerk | 9 minutes | , , | Actors: , , , , , , Kurt Platvoet, , ,

That’s funny. When you are young, you can be very endeared to see two elderly people who still visibly love each other. The reverse is less , it seems. While when you are old, and your limbs don’t want that good anymore, seeing two passionately kissing young people you probably also long back to the time when you frolicked carefree through the pink cloud of love. In the short “Soap” (2017), the elderly couple Gerben and Louise are visiting the capital from Belgium. From Central Station we follow them on the way to the hotel. On their way to their hotel room (gasp, gasp, puff, puff, there is no elevator!) They meet a young couple in the tight corridor. Once in the hotel room, it’s time to stretch your legs, but not much of resting comes from the telltale sounds of a hotel room above them. They look at each other in amusement, in their eyes a look of a careful memory.

The hotel stay seems to go on like this until Louise takes a shower. She lathers herself with pink colored shower foam, which has a magical effect. Full of disbelief she makes Gerben a part of this miracle. But miracles don’t really exist, do they?

“Soap” is a sweet and funny short film by the talented Hanna van Niekerk, who earlier in 2017 made her feature film debut with “If the Sun Explodes”. And just like in that , she gives with this one as part of KORT! Film made in 2017 shows a precise eye for compositions and atmosphere. “Soap” moves and amuses you and, despite the fairytale-like story, puts you back on your feet with a life motto that everyone should take to heart.

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