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Review: So It Goes Better-Much Better Now (2011)

Directed by: Philipp Comarella, Simon Griesser | 6 minutes | animation,

We are introduced to a bookmark in the animated film “This is how it goes better” (“Much Better Now”), by duo Philipp Comatella and Simon Griesser. He is stuck in a book, but a strong wind makes the book open. The bookmark comes to life and jumps enthusiastically into the book. The pages of the book suddenly turn into a rough sea, with wild waves. Surfing the waves, the bookmark is having the time of his life. Once the book closes again, the (surfing) fun is over. But do not be sad! When the bookmark walks to of the table, he sees that the whole room is full of books. So, plenty of other adventures ahead …

Of all five films on the DVD “The Lost Boyfriend and Other Stories”, this one is the most flat, both in execution and subject matter. Perhaps this has to do with the limitation of the protagonist. Because what emotions can you impart to a bookmark?

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