Review: Santa’s Little Helpers (2019)

Santa’s Little Helpers (2019)

Directed by: Bruno Chauffard, Derek Drymon | 4 minutes | short film, animation | Original voice cast: Carlos Alazraqui, Pierre Coffin, Brian T. Delaney, Raymond S. Persi

Illumination Entertainment made a new version of Dr. Seuss’ classic “The Grinch”. For those who don’t know, The Grinch is a Christmas story about a green monster who, for reasons that will be revealed later in the film, hates Christmas, but fate has it that he now lives just near a village, where Christmas is the highlight. see of the year. ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ is an animated short from the same animation producer, and fits perfectly with the Christmas spirit of ‘The Grinch’. That’s actually the only plus about the fact that this movie can be found on the home entertainment release of ‘The Grinch’.

Here are the yellow figures on their way to sunny Miami. At least that was the intention. But the minions traveling as stowaways end up at the North Pole instead. The minions make a virtue of necessity when it turns out that they have ended up with none other than Santa Claus. They are soon trained to be “Christmas elves”, and have to help prepare the millions of packages brought by Santa every year. They are not really suitable for that…

‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ doesn’t have much to offer the non-Minion enthusiast. And even someone with a high tolerance for the Minions will have to admit that the movie tells an uninspired story, with barely a surprising joke. We now know that the people of Illumination Entertainment understand their profession visually, but it would be nice if they now also pay a little more attention to the scenario in the short films.

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