Review: Safer at Home (2021)


Safer at Home (2021)

Directed by: Will Wernick | 82 minutes | thriller | Actors: Alisa Allapach, Lia Bozonelis, Adwin Brown, Katie L. Hall, Jocelyn Hudon, Mark Irvingsen, Dan J. Johnson, Michael Kupisk, Emma Lahana, Brandon Morales, Daniel Robaire

The corona crisis has sown a lot of confusion, ambiguity, frustration and division. Take the polarization that arises, for example, because the unvaccinated and the vaccinated are at odds with each other. There does not seem to be a gray area: you are either for or against the corona policy. It seems to be very black and white. What does this paragraph have to do with ‘Safer At Home’? Not much. Unfortunately. The social unrest caused by the pandemic is more interesting than this film that uses the COVID-19 crisis as a current gimmick. As a coat rack, which unfortunately does not contain much interesting…

‘Safer At Home’ revolves around a group of young people. It is 2022 and the coronavirus is in full force. Los Angeles is in lockdown and to pass the time, young people decide to have an online party. They all decide to take drugs to spice things up a bit. Bad plan, because things go awry when the narcotics kick in.

Well. ‘Safer At Home’ is a cheaply made found footage-like film that drips with disinterest. The cast is very weak, the camera work is nil and the tension is absent. The fact that this film was made during the pandemic must have been the Unique Selling Point that the marketing department managed to exploit. Some Hollywood bobo kicked it in nicely, so that this movie was picked up by a fairly well-known film studio. It wasn’t about the quality.

This movie is uninteresting and poorly made. Since you’re watching actors peeking at their friends from behind a laptop, you can imagine that you shouldn’t expect sparkling images. This is static bite. Because of the downright mediocre cast full of clichés, you don’t feel involved for a moment in the drama that is happening right in front of you. You want to see bored youngsters go down the pipe in a spectacular way – preferably by a maniacal creep. The biggest creep in this film is the person who gave the green light to this unimaginative no-budget junk. Following a press conference about the leaked corona measures is more exciting than this film.