Review: Rosa, Anna’s little sister (2012)


Directed by: Janet Van den Brand | 23 minutes | short film | Actors: Clara Criado Alvarez, Leah Guillaume, Helena Legier, Stijn van Opstal, Kristine van Pellicom

Jealousy is a quality that brings out the worst in a person. Adults are more likely to mask their negative feelings. Children, on the other hand, are more honest because they cannot yet assess the consequences of their behavior.

Rosa, for example, is quite envious of her eldest sister because she is an example for Helena, the youngest of the gang. In fact, Rosa would be more than happy to fulfill that role. That wish ensures that Rosa and Anna start to challenge each other with all the consequences that entails.

Janet Van den Brand tries to lure us into the perception of three little girls. The camera registers their actions sec and very close. The sparse dialogues are interrupted by Rosa’s murmurs. In this way Van den Brand wants to give free rein to her thinking. This trick is rather irritating and, moreover, these monologues are almost unintelligible. Shooting beautiful pictures is clearly mastered by the filmmaker. Unfortunately, “Rosa, Anna’s little sister” appears insufficiently furnished. Some scenes are just a bit too boring or meaningless. Next time a little more interpretation.