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Review: Resistance (2013)

Director: | 50 minutes | , | Actors: René van ‘t Hof, ,

It is certainly daring, such a light-hearted comedy about the resistance in the . In “Resistance”, a television from the One Night Stand project, the war, raids and the working methods of the Germans are not taken too seriously. This can of course end in a weak attempt to be funny, but thanks to the wonderful playing of René van ‘t Hof and Porgy Franssen, this is prevented despite a number of faintnesses. The screenplay of “Resistance” is by Luuk van Bemmelen (“Dik Trom”, 2010; “Pizza Maffia”, 2011) and is directed by Rob Lücker.

The sanctimonious Fons (René van ‘t Hof) has a lot of difficulty in interacting with other people, hence perhaps his extreme passion for porcelain and pottery. If at some point a very rare vase comes his way, he must and will add this unique piece to his collection. The only way to keep the vase out of the hands of Hauptsturmbahnführer Bernd (Porgy Franssen) is to offer a hiding address for the Jewish girl Rachel (Sanne Vogel).

Especially the scenes in which Van ‘t Hof and Franssen stumble over the porcelain vase lead to enormous hilarity. The over the top SS officer Bernd is an excellent addition to the timid Fons with his flamboyant appearance. Together they show that humor is also hidden in the most terrible events.

The war is highlighted in a whole new way in “Resistance”. By breaking taboos, the banality of life in wartime is sharply depicted. That not everyone can be a hero is made clear by “Resistance” in a very comical way. The makers are commended for this innovative approach, it is perhaps also a light form of resistance to portray the war in such a different way.

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