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Review: Plan B (2008)

Director: | 20 minutes | short | Actors: , , ,

The first thought that spontaneously comes to mind after seeing “Plan B” is that this petty thief story comes at speed from none other than Quentin Tarantino. Not least thanks to the hilarious conversations and wacky characters. However, the maker in this case is called Robin Pront and delivers a white-trash hammer blow.

This is constantly set between four walls and mainly relies on two fantastic actors. Sometimes you wonder whether Jeroen Perceval and Manou Kersting are actually acting and not simply themselves. Together they portray two idlers of the worst kind who wallow in their idleness in a dingy apartment. Gio and Bolle try to clean up the mess, which is no less than their daily existence, by selling some coke for a gangster of Albanian descent. Difficult when most of that disappears into their own nostrils. Not a cent to make, but the Albanian wants his money.

The best moment of this twenty-minute bad trip is at the very beginning. Gio who, stiff with white powder, rattles off a hilarious plea in favor of the well-known Antwerp striker and cult figure Patje Goots. It immediately becomes clear what kind of people the viewer can expect. A barrage of flat dialogues and heated situations follows. The camera moves like the protagonists: nervous like a diabetic looking for insulin. The hassle with the writer is not fully addressed, but that person has an important contribution in the end. The story is abruptly cut short but during the credits we get to see the ending, very special. And it is provided with gruesome humor. It is therefore recommended not to eat before the closing date.

“Plan B” won both the Public Prize and the Jury Prize at the 2008 International Short Film Festival in Leuven. Tarantino would show his thumb.

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