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Review: Out (2012)

Directed by: | 50 minutes | , short | Actors: , , , , , , , ,

Thomas (Vincent van der Valk) and Emma (Sallie Harmsen) are a beautiful young couple. Thomas is a musician and Emma works in a swimming pool. They have been together for years, but when Emma wants to work abroad for a few months, Thomas cannot handle it. He is afraid of losing her, but his behavior only increases this risk.

‘Uit’, a film made as part of the project One Night Stand, is about the fear that the one you love will leave you. And how you can lose that person through that fear, how that fear can work as a self-fulfilling prophecy. And how love can literally drive you crazy and lose your grip on reality.

As a viewer you know how to drag ‘Uit’ into the madness of Vincent. Even though you know to some extent that he is posing and that he is just getting rid of Emma, ​​you are on his side. And just like Emma, ​​you can do nothing but stand by and watch him destroy their relationship and in that process also destroy himself.

Michiel Rummens has made a special film about the breakup of a relationship. With flashbacks you see how the relationship between Thomas and Emma started and in the present you see them growing further and further apart. Little is said in ‘Uit’, the ambiance is especially important in this film. And this atmosphere is aptly portrayed so that the story can be told in few words. This is also partly determined by the good acting of Sallie Harmsen and Vincent van der Valk, who have to express the emotions of their characters with mainly language and facial expressions. ‘Uit’ is a special film.

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