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Review: Nono, the zigzag child (2012)

Director: | 95 minutes | , | Actors: , , , , ,

“Nono, the Zigzag Child” is based on David Grossman’s book of the same name. The filmmakers have a lot to live up to. The book is a psychological novel and has 440 pages. The “Nono, the zigzag child” deals with a bit more smoothly and must therefore intervene in the story. Basically the story is the same, and so is the effect.

Only twelve years old, he is as good as thirteen. Nono is almost a bar mistwa, so he receives a special gift from his father: an . On the train to his uncle, he has to find the actors in the different compartments. He ends up with a mysterious man in a chic white suit. Together with this man, who turns out to be the infamous criminal Felix Glick, Nono has the most beautiful adventures in no time. Nono’s father is the best detective in the country and wants to introduce Nono to life in this way. But when the adventures get a little too wild, the question arises whether Nono’s father really agreed. Nono, however, seizes the opportunity to learn more about his past.

Felix Glick is a charming man with an enchanting smile, to whom the world is open. The role is played by the German Burghart Klaußner. There is also a special role for the Italian star Isabella Rossellini. The star cast is not even complete with these names; we must not forget Fedja van Huêt as father the detective. This is his debut for the young Thomas Simon in the title role.

“Nono, the zigzag child” is an exciting whole, with spectacular scenes, but still on the child-friendly side. The film plays nicely with Nono’s fantasies, which sometimes just pop into his head. In between, we suddenly see a little adventure, or a flashback, as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

In addition to these funny bits, there is also the warm atmosphere and retro look that lies over the film. “Nono, the zigzag child” is a coming-of-age film, but at the same time also a road trip film with a certain holiday feeling about it. Viewers are guaranteed to come out of the cinema cheerfully.

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