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Review: Mystic Pizza (1988)

Directed by: | 104 minutes | , comedy, | Actors: Annabeth Gish, , , Vincent D’Onofrio, William R. Moses, , , , , , , , , Janet Zarish, , Matt Damon

Julia Roberts’ star was born with “Mystic Pizza”. The role of the slightly ordinary Daisy was her breakthrough and she is also worth it, because she just likes to act. Her natural look splatters from the canvas; nothing more to do. Another acting talent also makes its entrance in this film. A very young Matt Damon passes by as the brother of the rich man’s son Charles. Watch out, don’t blink or you’ll miss him!

The film sets out three stereotypical young women: the studious who always does “the right thing”, the wild sexy girl and the funny impulsive young woman. So there is something for everyone and every woman can identify with one of the types. This is cleverly anticipated, because all three women make a decision that goes directly against their “type”. This makes the three main characters human and even more easily closed in the viewer’s heart.

The casting of the roles is well done. Besides a radiant Julia Roberts as the wild Daisy, Annabeth Gish is also very convincing as a moral knight who is secretly very curious about that married man …

It’s just a shame that the story is so incredibly predictable. You can see every scene for miles and you know exactly what steps the three girls will take. On the one hand it belongs to the film genre, but it is too thick on top. A little surprise would be nice.

In addition, some scenes come across as forced. The overly gooey laugh at each other and the meaningful looks make a rehearsed impression and that causes irritation. The effect of the Cosby : “Oh, how nice we are all having fun!” This is not due to the acting of the actors, but to director Donald Petrie. Petrie’s comedies are fun, but he always misses the mark. He cannot get the real “feel-good” feeling, that feeling of being in love with everything and everyone after seeing the film. In short, Petrie could use some pepper.

Although there are more negative than positive comments to be made about the film, “Mystic Pizza” still gets three stars. This is partly due to the acting and the elaborated characters. Daisy, Kat and Jojo guide you through the predictable story in a fun and romantic way. Another final warning for the male viewers among us: “Mystic Pizza” is a real chick flick! If you’re not a fan of that, you must be very fond of your girlfriend or wife to sit this movie out.

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