Review: Mustache (2020)

Mustache (2020)

Directed by: Victoria Warmerdam | 10 minutes | comedy, drama, short film | Actors: Henry van Loon, Wim Willaert, Sieger Sloot, Rogier Schippers

‘Snorrie’ is about Freek, a man in his thirties, who is preparing a move in the attic of what is probably his parental home. Suddenly a man appears behind him, and although Freek is startled by his sudden presence, he immediately recognizes his former friend. It’s Snorrie (Wim Willaert). Snorrie is happier to see Freekie than vice versa, it seems, though he has a special reason for that.

‘Snorrie’ is a dryly comic film with a unique starting point. Plenty of movies have been made about imaginary boyfriends, but not many about grown people seeing their imaginary friend again after so many years and what that does to them (and to that imaginary friend). Although, perhaps ‘Christopher Robin’ falls under that category. Henry van Loon is perfectly cast, on the one hand he represents the audience by realizing the absurdity of the situation, but is also believable in the more dramatic scene.

Wim Willaert is also very convincing in his “I am not angry, but disappointed” attitude. Finally, Sieger Sloot has a hilarious role, which is largely due to his outfit, but his body language also contributes to it. Filmmaker Victoria Warmerdam has previously worked with Van Loon en Sloot, her film ‘Korte calf muscle’ (2019) has already won prizes at several international festivals. This combination of people in front of and behind the camera works well, ‘Snorrie’ is a good proof of that.

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