Review: Made for Each Other (2009)


Made for Each Other (2009)

Directed by: Daryl Bob Goldberg | 92 minutes | comedy | Actors: Patrick Warburton, Danny Masterson, Bijou Philips, Samm Levine, Christopher Masterson, Lauren German, George Segal, Kyle Howard, Leslie Hendrix, Ginger Kroll, Adrian Martinez, Christina Brucato, Ashley Bates, Charlie Hewson, Lyman Chen, Maria Diaz, Marnie Schulenburg, Debargo Sanyal, Josh Alexander, Kelsey Fowler, Lauren Weisman, Michael Lee Gogin, Anthony Pertesis, Logan Fry, Alana Cadiz, Gail Bugeja, Marina Viscun, Kevin Whui, Nancy Wu, Effrem J. Adams, Christina Sciongay, Marty Garcia , Victor Hawks

‘Made for Each Other’ begins with a fantasy of newly married Dan Jacobs (played funny hypothermia by Christopher Masterson). He has been married to Marcy (Bijou Philips) for three months and sexually things do not go well between the young couple. The whole neighborhood, from the elderly couple (with tips and even a real homemade sex instruction video) to the postman and from the police officer to the schoolgirl, asks Dan every day about his progress and keeps his fingers crossed for him. At work, his colleagues place bets on the day when ‘it’ will finally happen. With hilarious one-liners as an accompanying comment: “Dan, your wife now officially has the world record number of days of headache in a row to get out of sex.” However, according to Dan, it’s simply due to the lengthy healing process of the vaginal piercing that Marcy had done. It simply takes three months, he tells colleagues and friends.

Almost every day Dan and his friends/colleagues take a break in a chicken wing restaurant (women not welcome!) and go through the day there. At some point, Dan can’t hold it any longer. He cheats – more or less forced – with his boss, the bossy and oversexed Catherine, who also happens to be Marcy’s sister. Dan is very upset and wants to tell Marcy. Friend Mike (Samm Levine), who also has a strange relationship of his own, suggests another, crazy idea. Why not try to cheat on Marcy too? Then the newlyweds are even, they can forgive and forget everything and finally have sex together… This leads to hilarious scenes with Mack Mackenzie (Patrick Warburton), Marcy’s intended sex partner and protagonist in ‘Waterworld. The Musical!’ Well, all’s well that ends well.

‘Made For Each Other’ stands out as a comedy with fun supporting roles from the likes of Danny Masterson (as ‘The Executioner’, an aggressively promoting divorce lawyer) and Kyle Howard (as weird, unsavory friend Ed). Veteran George Segal also shows up as Dan’s father. Especially nice are the flashback scenes and the scenes at the basketball court. And it’s okay with the lewd jokes. There is ‘some nudity involved’, but it all stays within reasonable limits. An easily digestible comedy that has the potential to be promoted to ‘cult status’.

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