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Review: Full Moon (2002)

Director: | 100 minutes | , | Actors: , , Cas Jansen, , , , , , , Edgar Wurfbain, , Hans Dagelet, Mark Scholten, , Sidney Brandeis, , Joost de Jong, , Jeroen Nieuwenhuize, , ,

After the success of “Costa!”, Director Johan Nijenhuis comes with a new Dutch feature , “Full Moon”. Also in this film the roles are played by well-known soap operas.
Where “Costa!” Still had a reasonable storyline and good acting, “Full Moon” shows nothing of both. There is little depth to the story of this movie, “Full Moon” comes across as an extra-long episode of any soap opera. The characters are all very stereotypical, there are specific accents and each character has its own life purpose and problem. The fake accents in particular are very disturbing, because they are not used consistently. In one scene, characters talk Twents and in the next scene with a city dialect.

Cas Jansen can be seen in the lead role, he plays Hans Nijboer, a yuppie who is allowed to take friends on vacation after his graduation. Cas’s acting is very disappointing, he does not seem convincing at all and does not seem to feel comfortable in the role of Hans. Georgina Verbaan’s acting performance is also very poor. Her role as a depressed and clumsy goth girl is also quite obvious. In ‘Full Moon’ you can also see Daan Schuurmans, Michiel Huisman, Chantal Janzen and Ellen Ten Damme. Only the latter comes with an acting surprise. Singer Ten Damme, who has been specially hired to sing a song, is the only one who comes across as truly convincing in “Full Moon”.

The film’s soundtrack features a variety of songs, not only in terms of style, but also the singing quality of the musicians is quite different. One of the highlights on the soundtrack is the title song “Full Moon”, this one by Van Dik Hout. Singer Martin Buitenhuis also has a small role in the film.

In summary, “Full Moon” is a very mediocre film with poor acting performance. Even the “Costa!” Target audience will be somewhat disappointed with this film.

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