Review: From sloeber to star – Glad Rags to Riches (1932)


Directed by: Charles Lamont | 10 minutes | comedy, short film, romance, music | Actors: Shirley Temple, Eugene Butler, Lawrence Harris, Georgie Smith

Believe it or not, “From Sloeber to Star” (“Glad Rags to Riches”) is only Shirley Temple’s second cutscene. She’s been here for three, almost four years, but you can already see that she will go far. Here she plays La Belle Diaperina, the star of the nightclub Lullaby Lobster Palace. In Baby Burlesk movies like this one, the characters often have funny names and the actors walk around in adult costumes, but with diapers.

La Belle Diaperina (real name Nell) is held captive by the mean nightclub owner (Eugene Butler) who wants to marry her. Fortunately, her rural sweetheart Elmer (Georgie Smith) and the police come to rescue her. Shirley is a cute doll here, she makes her singing debut with the song “She’s Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage” and she tap-dances to it. This doll also acts with conviction. It’s great how such a little one can play a captured artist. The boys are also doing well. For example, Georgie Smith says at one point: “That I must meet you in this pool of injustice.” That’s also the joke of the Baby Burlesk series, little kids with grown-up dialogues. By the way, Shirley has a grown-up head when she calls the nightclub owner a “diapered viper”.

The chambermaid of La Belle Diaperina is also cute here, she is also in the movie “Polly Tix in Washington” (1933). The little dog from “The Covered Wagon Full of Cake” (Pie Covered Wagon) (1932) and “Shirley in the Ring” (Kid’s Last Fight) (1932) is also included. There are no adults, only children from three to five years old. They have fun with lobsters, ice creams, police officers, waiters and dress up tricks. A comical mini film that shows the talent of a very young Shirley.