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Review: Fingers (2013)

Directed by: Michiel ten Horn | 12 minutes | short film, comedy, drama | Actors: Ton Kas, Loes Kok, Ferdi Stofmeel,

Times are changing, as math teacher Bernd (Ton Kas) also experiences in NPS Kort! film “Fingers” (2013) by Michiel ten Horn (“The deflowering of Eva van End”). When he sees a girl being touched by a classmate in his math class, the stupid teacher is quite amazed. Especially the fact that such sexual acts are carried out in the classroom at such a young age worries him, that it doesn’t seem to harm anyone, even more confusing. Is this normal nowadays? He slowly loses sight of reality and seems to start to believe in a modern form of sexual intercourse in which there is no place for the classic codes of conduct or any chastity.

“Fingers” provides a creative look at the debate about the changing sexual morality among young people. also knows, in a role that is perfect for him, to portray the concerned and naive attitude of the outside world in a caricatural way. This makes “Fingers” as comical as it is relevant and therefore very rewarding.

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