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Review: Father’s Day (2009)

Director: Froukje Tan | 10 minutes | short film | Actors: Scyler Eijgermans, Jaap Maarleveld,

Adorable short that at first sight seeks to portray boundless childlike enthusiasm in a refined way: blind to danger and imitating adults. But screenwriter Inge Hardeman brings an unexpected twist to the storyline that ultimately lands the film brilliantly on its feet. The filmmakers cleverly use the comings and goings of a child in an attempt to make the viewer see a completely different, serious phenomenon. And it worked. A more intelligent and catchy preparation for the core of a film could hardly have been done. By misleading the viewer, one manages to achieve a form of empathy that will come in handy later on. The filmmakers have thus enabled themselves to immediately explain the problem that is being exposed to the viewer. Also nice, how the ambient sounds of ‘Father’s Day’ directly contribute to an endearing feeling because they are slightly enlarged and caricatured. Especially in the opening minutes of the movie. Director Froukje Tan (1968) attended the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, specializing in photography, and audiovisual education. She works as a screenwriter and director. ‘Vaderdag’ is one of ten films from NPS Kort! 2009. ‘Vaderdag’ is one of ten films from NPS Kort! 2009. ‘Vaderdag’ is one of ten films from NPS Kort! 2009.

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