Review: Cosmic Sin (2021)


Cosmic Sin (2021)

Directed by: Edward Drake | 88 minutes | action, adventure | Actors: Frank Grillo, Bruce Willis, Brandon Thomas Lee, Corey Large, CJ Perry, Perrey Reeves, Lochlyn Munro, Costas Mandylor, Eva De Dominici, Adelaide Kane, Sarah May Sommers, Trevor Gretzky, Christian Hicks, Austin Humble, Mark Rhynard, Robert Laenen, Trevor Brotherton

COVID-19 is impacting all of society, but one man is bravely resisting the pandemic. Bruce Willis manages to keep up his productivity and quickly blasts out a bunch of films, increasing his already impressive resume. His work ethic is commendable, but unfortunately quantity is not synonymous with quality. Willis trots out again in a seriously underpowered action movie in which he clearly had little sense…

‘Cosmic Sin’ is set in the future. When humanity makes contact with an alien civilization, things go wrong. These aliens have it bad for Earthlings. To stop these villains, bright minds from our planet are putting together a super team. Seven soldiers are allowed to prevent a galactic war. James Ford (Bruce ‘Wake me up when my salary is paid’ Willis) is one of these turbo marines and it will pay off for the alien culprits!

If someone were to say that ‘Cosmic Sin’ came from the stable of no-budget film company The Asylum, it wouldn’t even sound that strange. This so-called action movie looks very cheap. The special effects look fake and seem to have rolled out of an ancient computer. It also takes a very long time for something to happen and the acting that has to keep the viewer focused is below par. Crowd puller Willis looks tired and doesn’t feel like it. The dialogues are spit out mumbling and there is not a shred of emotion. Willis appears worn out and has lost his boyish charm and bravado for good.

Frank Grillo offers bad counterplay. He also has little faith in it and considers ‘Cosmic Sin’ to be a bread job. That actually applies to everyone involved. This film has no real right to exist. This chewed-up story full of cardboard characters, dated special effects and a run-down crowd puller will please no one. Hopefully everyone involved can pay their rent again for a few months. Then at least a few more people became happy.