Review: Chameleon 2 (2005)


Chameleon 2 (2005)

Directed by: Steven de Jong | 100 minutes | family | Actors: Koen van den Donk, Jos van den Donk, Maarten Spanjer, Nelse van Heurck, Jack Wouterse, Hidde Maas, Joep Sertons, Els Dottermans, Dominique van Vliet, Steven de Jong, Rense Westra, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Meriyem Manders, Chris Zegers, Klaas Hofstra, Arjen Rooseboom, Peter Groot Kormelink, Jelle de Jong, Boudewijn van Duinen, Joost Buitenweg, Jan Douwe Kroeske, Ed Nijpels

They’re back! Our heroes from Hotze Roos’s Chameleon books, which many have grown up with. ‘Kameleon 2’ is the sequel to the successful ‘De schippers van de Kameleon’ (2003). The wisecracking twins Hielke and Sietse Klinkhamer are back, albeit with a beard in their throats, but also with that good, old, clumsy boat whose speed is often underestimated.

In ‘Kameleon 2’ even more acquaintances return, including farmhand Gerben Zonderland (Maarten Spanjer), the doctor (Joep Sertons), constable Zwart (Rense Westra) now without a sticky mustache, the mayor (Gijs van Scholten Aschat) and of course Mem and Heit. Klinkhamer (Dominique van Vliet and director Steven de Jong). But there are also many new faces, including Marieke (Nelse Heurck), her mother Veerle (Els Dottemans), Piet Haan (Jack Wouterse), Klompsma (Hidde Maas), Hornstra (Joost Buitenweg) and skipper’s assistant Tjeerd (Chris Zegers). The majority of the cast and crew have previously worked together in the TV series “Spijkerhoek”, “Onderweg naar Morgen”, “Westenwind” and “Baas Boppe Baas” and the films ‘La Donna è Mobile’ (1990), ‘ The Golden Swipe’ (1995) and ‘The Fûke’ (2000). There are also cameos by the Frisian lawyer twins Hans and Willem Anker, Ron Boszhard, Henk Westbroek, Jan Douwe Kroeske and Ed Nijpels.

In Lenten there is always something going on, whether or not caused by the boys. Because although they have matured more, they still like to stir things up whenever possible. In addition, the boys still fight fiercely against injustice and try to help people where they can. This time, Lenten is startled by the plans of project developer Piet Haan, a role that Jack Wouterse (of ’06/05′ (2004) and ‘Vet Hard’ (2005)) insisted on playing, to build a villa park and highway right through to build the village. Poor farmers would have to clear the field for this, including the Flemish Veerle and her asthmatic daughter Marieke. Their farm, like many others, is owned by a greedy hermit Klompsma, played with verve by Hidde Maas (of ‘Night Watch’ (1995) and ‘The Delivery’ (1999) among others). This at first sight very unpleasant man seems to be the only one standing in the way of Haan and also the mayor who wants to push through the plans at all costs in the name of progress. In the Klinkhamer family, opinions are now divided about the arrival of the villa park. In addition to Piet Haan, son Ronnie (a convincing role by Jelle de Jong) and friend Sjonnie (Boudewijn van Duinen) get into all kinds of trouble. The twins are busy with all the developments in Lenten. Fortunately, there are still people they can count on, such as (candy) Kees Dijkstra (Arjen Rooseboom), joker Gerben, the doctor and also constable Zwart with his typical expression “potverjanhiddekont”. But will this be enough to bring everything to a successful conclusion or will it require help from an unexpected quarter?

Anyway, the boys are again faced with an adventure with a lot of humor and excitement and as a viewer we would like to sail with the Chameleon again!

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