Review: Body Brokers (2021)


Body Brokers (2021)

Directed by: John Swab | 111 minutes | crime, drama | Actors: Frank Grillo, Alice Englert, Melissa Leo, Jack Kilmer, Michael Kenneth Williams, Jessica Rothe, Mark Ward, Sam Quartin, Owen Campbell, Steve Bruner, Renée Willett, Caroline McKenzie, Thomas Dekker, Pam Dougherty, James Whitecloud, Peter Greene , Doug Van Liew, Ben Hall, Ashe Austin

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. ‘Body Brokers’ claims to be based on true facts. If so, then this movie deserves a lot more attention. Not because this is a masterpiece, but because this production by director John Swab creates a shocking image of the (American) drug mafia. In this film, drug addicts are a useful business model for drug manufacturers and rehab clinics. The industry that has to help people kick the habit makes sure that their clients become addicted again after getting clean, so that the whole circus starts all over again. In this way money is made on the backs of vulnerable people.

‘Body Brokers’ – which, as mentioned, is said to be based on true facts – revolves around the junkies Utah (Jack Kilmer) and Opal. This duo is plucked off the street and placed in rehab. There the couple can rehab. When Utah seems to be doing better and he is allowed to leave the clinic, things quickly go wrong.

The idea behind ‘Body Brokers’ is nice, but unfortunately the execution is rather weak. The muddled narrative structure, fragmentary scenes and strange dialogue prevent you from really getting invested in this film. Swab has a wonderful story on his hands, but it doesn’t come out. He doesn’t really know what and how he wants to say something. It’s a shame, because in addition to a great story, ‘Body Brokers’ has a very strong actor in Jack Kilmer (the son of fallen star Val Kilmer). This man plays a layered role, but he struggles with an erratic script and strange opponents.

Frank Grillo provides the voice over and is also briefly in the picture, but his image on the film poster is actually too much honor. The actor has a fairly brief role and also comes out badly. ‘Body Brokers’ is a movie that deserves more attention if the story behind it turns out to be real. In this form, the film doesn’t make a dent in a pack of butter. As if a drunk wants to tell the entire ‘Star Wars’ saga: at the core you hear an epic story but in practice you listen to a lot of false air and incoherent bluster. Sin.