Review: Bad Trip – Tyrone (1999)

Bad Trip – Tyrone (1999)

Directed by: Chris Palzis, Erik Fleming | 92 minutes | comedy | Actors: Ethan Suplee, Kevin Connolly, Coolio, Merle Kennedy, Kristin Minter, MC Gainey, Dwayne L. Barnes, Robert Z’Dar, Brent Hinkley, Carlos Leon, Krayzie Bone, Rob Johnston, Tom Hand

Two TV stars and three roles by the rapper Coolio are the main draws of the movie ‘Bad Trip’, a film where even the obvious lame joke about the irony of the title is even more successful than the film. Well, it could have been worse, and there are even a few touching moments and half a funny scene in the film, but really there is no reason to think that a mature viewer of any standard would want to spend his time on this painfully unpleasant film. to waste. Kids might laugh at a few slapstick moments or the sight of Coolio in women’s clothes, but even the little fellows will see most of the jokes coming long in advance and soon be craving their daily dose of Nickelodeon.

Bad Trip is the result of the efforts of two directors, one with no previous directing experience and the other with the masterful TV product “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. That you know a little about what level this is. It boils down to a lot of “jokes” about the bulky stature of Joshua (a then dangerously obese Ethan Suplee, known for “My Name is Earl” and as a hateful friend of Derek (Edward Norton) in ‘American History X’), and to totally failed attempts at tension by introducing a criminal gang, the brother of thug Tyrone, and a corrupt bunch of cops.

Furthermore, there is constant talk throughout the film, in a kind of semi-cool language that tries to emulate the work of Quentin Tarantino or Kevin Smith, which turns out to be counterproductive and makes the teasing at each other seem mean rather than clever. Joshua (Ethan Suplee) may still be a sympathetic, if childish, character, but his friend Sam (Kevin Connolly, known from the series “Unhappily Ever After” and “Entourage”) seems to be an obnoxious, selfish person. Funnily enough, there are still some touching, almost tender moments in it when virgin Joshua has a crush on a beautiful blonde waitress (Merle Kennedy) who also seems to genuinely care about him. The moments between Joshua and gang member “Driver” (Dwayne L. Barnes) are also quite successful and well acted.

However, the plot is too ridiculous for words, with strange plot twists, implausible obstacles (in the relationship between Joshua and his girlfriend), a sort of ‘The Goonies’-esque action tale, and Bassie and Adriaan humor that makes you cringe. It’s really no wonder that this print came out straight to video and hasn’t won a place in the cinema. But “Bad Trip” isn’t even worth a trip to the video store or store. Let it lie.

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