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Review: All Stars 2 Old Stars (2011)

All Stars 2 Old Stars (2011)

Directed by: Jean van de Velde | 123 minutes | drama, comedy | Actors: Thomas Acda, Daniel Boissevain, Cas Jansen, Kasper van Kooten, Peter Paul Muller, Danny de Munk, Raymi Sambo

In the beginning of ‘All Stars 2 Old Stars’, director and screenwriter Jean van de Velde makes almost every mistake you can make in a sequel – including the terrible and unnecessary opening scene – but when the film gets going, he more than makes up for it . For example, the film is not the cringe-inducing little thing that some might have expected, but at 30 minutes after a good story, with – here and there perhaps exaggerated – fun and recognizable characters and a pleasant reunion with some old stars.

Although a pleasant film, ‘All Stars 2’ is sloppy. For example, the entire team from the first film is back, which means that some actors who are no longer in the series are back in the film, although that does not apply to a character from the series like ‘Nemo’, whose storyline must explain the absence of Antonie Kamerling (which, by the way, works out nicely). In addition, Thomas Acda’s character had died in the series, but in the film is alive and well again in the target, with no explanation whatsoever. So sloppy.

The choice to go on a road trip with the Swift Boys team doesn’t always work out well here and there, but the boys’ humor is international, and fine trips to a German nudist campsite and a French police station provide the film’s necessary comedic moments. on. And around that time it all goes better, the characters are introduced and it seems as if Johnny, Paul, Peter, Bram and the rest have never left. The storyline that refers to the title – aging – is then nicely wrapped up in the film, but it doesn’t want to be as sparkling as in the original film.

All in all, ‘All Stars 2 Old Stars’ is a decent movie. Not great, but not a disaster either. Actually, he falls somewhere in between, but because of the strong characters, with whom there is enough to laugh with, he still scores a sufficient. In an evening around a football match an excellent choice.

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