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Review: Yummy (2019)

Directed by: | 85 minutes | , comedy | Actors: Maaike Neuville, , , , , , , Taeke Nicolaï, , , Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios, , , Isabelle van Hecke,

A Belgian “Braindead”: did we need it? After seeing “Yummy” the answer is simple. Yes! We can use this sympathetic magazine. Especially now! Director Lars Damoiseaux has shot a great debut that will hopefully reach a large audience. Only the recommendation on the cover deserves praise. “Facelifts, boob jobs and… zombies”: this covers it all.

In “Yummy” you meet a young couple. The girl (Maaike Neuville) is weighed down by her large breasts, causing back pain and wrong attention. Her boyfriend takes her – and his mother-in-law – to an Eastern European clinic for a breast reduction. Malief wants to undergo a whole series of procedures for a small price. It soon turns out that cheap turns out to be expensive. The clinic is in fact overrun with zombies. Stem cell manipulation and other dubious issues have led to this.

“Yummy” has a nice pace. It doesn’t take long before things go wrong. Very wrong. Damoiseaux has put on a true spectacle with a modest budget (half a million euros). The special effects are practical, convincing and downright gross. The blood flies through it by liters and amputations are commonplace. The mutilations are also creative. Something about a very painful occurrence with a recently enlarged penis, reverse liposuction and a pinched hand for example. The humor is nice and graphic and adolescent. Fans of dirt can indulge themselves.

Unfortunately, not everything is cake and egg. “Yummy” is an unbalanced . The atmosphere changes from hard and nasty horror to crazy horror comedy. That does not work. At times this film is pitch-black in tone, while one scene later you laugh at an idiotic death scene. The finale, for example, is in stark contrast to a ridiculous sex scene in a basement. It is difficult to empathize with and care about caricatures. Nevertheless highly recommended!

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