Full Movie: Anjaam 1986 – Dramatic Movie | Hema Malini, Rajan Sippy, Satyan Kapoo

Anjaam 1986 – Dramatic Movie | Hema Malini, Rajan Sippy, Satyan Kapoo

Synopsis : Pinky, a young collegian hailed from a very rich and aristocratic family was rusticated from the college on the charges of coming drunk late at nights and creating chaos and disturbance in the hostel. Back home, when her mother tried to save her from disgrace, she became even more violent and carefree leaving her mom in total distrace and suffering. She tried all possible ways to change Pinky’s attitude toward life but in vain. Pinky by now had made intoxication and other vices a part of her life. In her desperate attempt to save her daughter’s life, Pinky’s mother seeked the help of Anil, a young and noble man. But this attempt brought along with it such a vigorous storm which not only engulfed Pinky, her mother, her father and Anil but the entire environment! The utter helplessness of the mother clashed with the rigid stubbornness of the daughter and this erupted a volcane of emotions which brought in existence such a high pitched and intense drama whose result and culmination will leave everyone spell-bound and amazed beyound words!

Director: Hariharan
Producer: Ramesh Tewari
Star Cast: Hema Malini, Rajan Sippy, Satyan Kapoo, Shaffi Inamdar, Amarjit Sharma, Azad, Baby Shabana, Chand Usmani, Chandra Shekhar, Jaishree T., Kumud Bole, Master Bobby, Mohan Choti, Raj Kishor & Tej Sapru
Year: 1986

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