Five Netflix Original films that look good

Did you know that Netflix has already released more than 200 films of its own? Pretty clever for something that it only started in 2015. In fact, there are even a few Oscar winners, such as Roma and Mudbound. There are heavy films and some lighter ones. We choose a number of Netflix Originals that look really nice.

Private Life

Sometimes it is painful, but that is mainly because it is so true. The film Private Life with Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahns touches the sensitive chord, while it is really not just drama. Private Life tells the story of a middle-aged couple who want a baby. However, that is not so obvious that the two vanalles must try to get it done. That is at the expense of their marriage, until their niece comes to sleep with them and everything changes. A tough subject, but brought in a much lighter way than you would expect.


Gerald’s Game

On Netflix, you will find the necessary films based on the work of the thriller/horror writer Stephen King. The same goes for Gerald’s Game, which he penned in 1992. The game takes place in one room, where a woman is chained to bed. Her husband is also present in the room, but he died during their sex game. It is a bizarre and fierce film in which Carla Gugino gives everything. Not only in her acting work but also her character must do everything she can to get away from her uncomfortable situation. She has to do pretty extreme things and psychologically jump through a lot of hoops to get ahead.


The Irishman

Netflix often works with big names, as the Irishman recently demonstrated. It is the new film from Martin Scorsese, for which you really have to sit down. Firstly because it is a long sitting (3.5 hours) and secondly because this is a film to watch with your full attention. The masterpiece of Scorsese makes Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino come together again in a strong crime film. It is a war veteran who will work for the Mafia, but that world is rock hard: The Irishman is full of conflicts, strong personalities and wonderful drama.


Dolemite is my Name

Eddie Murphy is back in Dolemite is my Name , a comedy that follows the life of actor Rudy Ray Moore. Actually, that is not a good description of this man, who therefore emerges in the film as a director of special action films. Nice touch, also Wesley Snipes from Blade makes his comeback in this Netflix Original. This man would have preferred to be the president of America, but in this movie (especially at the end) you see that that might not be a great idea.


Bird box

It is not a brilliant film, but Bird Box is very entertaining. In this apocalyptic sci-fi-flick, Sandra Bullock plays a woman who has to live as a blind man, along with the rest of the world. You will be confronted with suicide by opening your eyes, with fear that children will take the blindfold off and with the uncertainty of what can and cannot be done in this strange new world. It is not for nothing that this film has been viewed more than 45 million times in the first week: it makes you think about how we live. Moreover, it is always nice to see Sandra Bullock again, luckily for us with our eyes open.


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