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Film by LOTR director about World War I in color and 3d premieres

The They Shall Not Grow Old will have its premiere on Tuesday. Lord of the Rings director Jackson has colored old footage from the First World for this , provided with 3d and he has made audio for it.

The documentary They Shall Not Grow Old is based on old footage and interviews with survivors that were recorded in the sixties of the last century. Many of the images are recorded in 10fps, with outliers to 15fps, says Jackson in an with Answers . In order to prevent it from appearing jerky and to reach the 24fps that is now , Peter Jackson’s special effects company Weta has put images in between that the software has created based on the frames before and behind

. Moreover, it turned out to be a challenge to get the timing correct, by the way of filming at the time. In addition, the makers had to remove noise and scratches. According to Jackson, most of the work was in restoring the images, while subsequently coloring them and in 3D rendering turned out to be easier.

The voiceovers come from survivors who spoke to the BBC in the sixties of the last century for a documentary series. about the First World War. Because it was a silent movie, Jackson has the audio from the war scenes recorded by actors and studios. They Shall Not Grow Old comes out in this period, because the next month a century ago the warring parties put down their arms. That happened on November 11, 1918. The documentary is on show in Great Britain from Tuesday.

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