Director I am Legend Working on BioShock Film with Writer Blade Runner 2049

The upcoming BioShock movie has been given a director and writer. The writer is Michael Green, who has worked on Logan, Blade Runner 2049 and American Gods. The direction is in the hands of Francis Lawrence, known for I Am Legend and several Hunger Games films.

More has not yet been announced about the film, but publisher Netflix speaks in its announcement about Little Sisters, Big Daddies and the flooded corridors of underwater city Rapture. In any case, all this gives the impression that it will be a film adaptation of BioShock or BioShock 2 and not BioShock Infinite, which takes place in a city in the clouds. Furthermore, Netflix mentions the game’s “secretly compelling story of morality,” which may mean the film will do something similar.

The film still doesn’t have a release date. Last February, it was announced that a deal had been reached between Take Two and Netflix after, rumored, a year of negotiations. It is known that film studio Vertigo Entertainment is involved. That studio has many horror titles to its name. Director Francis Lawrence is still in the process of directing a new Hunger Games movie, according to Netflix, so the real work on the BioShock movie has yet to begin.

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