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Good News: Behind her eyes on Netflix, woman discovers house behind mirror and communicating kangaroos

Good afternoon! It is Friday, the month of March has started, ‘we’ are finally picking up the pace with vaccinations and there is always a lot more good news to report. So welcome to yet another edition of our ‘Good News section’. Because there are all kinds of nice things to report that make you happy. That the bizarre, original series ‘Behind her eyes’ is now on Netflix, for example. And the news about a New York woman who discovers a hole behind her mirror that opens into a house and kangaroos communicating with humans.

tip: Behind her eyes

For a few weeks now, ‘Behind her eyes’ has been on and in our opinion this series is very worthwhile to spend a few hours of your time. Without spoilers: the British psychological is about a single mother who starts an affair with her boss and then ‘accidentally’ befriends his wife. The story is original and captivates from the very first minute. The shots are beautiful and the actors convincing. We are already hoping for a second season. Also check out the trailer:

New York woman discovers apartment behind her mirror

In the category ‘bizarre news’: TikTokker Samantha Hartsoe from New York discovered a gaping hole behind her mirror in the bathroom this week. She thought it was strange that it stayed so cold there when there was no ventilation to the outside. So she investigated and realized that the cold air was near her mirror. When she removed the mirror, there appeared to be a gaping hole. On TikTok, she let her followers enjoy the discovery and her research into what is on the other side of the mirror. This was followed by an even stranger discovery, because it turned out that there was another apartment. Take a look for yourself, it is a special story:

@samanthartsoeseriously never would I have expected to find this… and I documented all of it #mystery #fyp #nyc #secret #foryou #apartment #storytime♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

Voice for the planet – sign the petition

Our nature disappears, sometimes without even realizing it. The enormous crowds in our nature reserves during the corona crisis makes it painfully clear that there is little nature in our small country. And that scarcity means that it quickly gets busy Now that the elections are approaching and a new government will soon take office, now is the time to urge politicians to make plans for a coalition agreement with more and better nature. Together with the World Wildlife Fund, singer Martijn Fischer, singer Nynke Laverman and the band Friday launched their voice yesterday on the Voice for the Planet petition., thereby calling for more nature in the direction of politics. Call on world leaders to make decisions that do not harm nature, but contribute to protection and restoration. Give nature a voice. You sign the petition here.


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Wild kangaroos consciously communicate with people

You would think that it is only dogs and cats who wrap us around their fingers and even make special sounds to us that they don’t even make to their own kind. However, that turns out to be slightly different. The University of Roehampton and the University of Sidney have discovered that wild kangaroos glance at a human when they want to grab food that comes in a sealed container. With this they try to get people to give them a hand. Interesting, because normally it is only domesticated animals that exhibit such behavior.

Paramount + is now live

Okay, okay, it is not yet available in the Netherlands, but Americans, Canadians and South Americans can now enjoy the new streaming service Paramount +. It really is a streaming service that is daring to Netflix, with in addition to original content also all kinds of things from MTV, CBS, Central and Nickelodeon, in addition to the films from Paramount. There will be a reboot of Inside Amy Schumer, a revival of Frasier and series based on Fatal Attraction and The Italian Job. We hope Paramount + comes to Europe later this year.

Michael B. Jordan is awesome in new trailer Without Remorse

They took everything from him and he wants to make things right, that’s the story in Without Remorse, although there is a small catch: Michael B. Jordan is the ultimate killing machine. He has no feelings of guilt, he goes for it very hard. In this new movie on Amazon Prime Video, we see how he deals with that. We can see it at the end of April.

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