Full Movie: Duniya Na Mane l Raja Nene, Vimla Vashist l 1937


Duniya Na Mane l Raja Nene, Vimla Vashist l 1937

Synopsis : Neera/Nirmala(Apte) is trapped into marrying the old widower Kakasaheb. He is a progressive lawyer with a son and a daughter of Neera’s age. She refuses to consummate the union, claiming repeatedly that while suffering can be borne, injustice cannot. After facing many hurdles including an aunt (Vasishta), her mother-in-law, and a lascivious stepson Pandit/Jugal(Nene), her husband has a change of heart and magnanimously commits suicide, enjoining Neera to marry someone more suitable. The change occurs mainly through his widowed daughter Chitra/Sushila (Paranjpye, a noted social worker off screen) who provides a forcefully feminist movement in a speech to the young bride.

Director: V. Shantaram
Producer: Vishnupant Govind Damle, Sheikh Fathelal
Music: Keshavrao Bhole, K. Bhole
Main Cast: Raja Nene, Vimla Vashist, Shakuntala Paranjpye, Gauri… more
Genre: Social
Banner: Prabhat Film Company
Release: 1937

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